Fields of destruction: Assad’s cluster munitions crimes
As of December 2019, no fewer than 487 cluster munitions attacks in Syria had been documented by the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) since their first recorded use in July 2012. Of these, the Assad regime was responsible for 243, while Russian forces bore responsibility for 236; the remaining 8 were carried out jointly by both parties. In total, at least 1,019 civilians, including 375 children and 215 women, were killed in these attacks, per the SNHR data. Moreover, no fewer than 357 civilians, including 107 children, were killed by the detonation of previously-unexploded cluster munitions left behind by prior attacks. Around 4,300 civilians have been wounded, many of them suffering limb amputations or other disfigurements.
16-01-2020 …