In Syria, IS launched several new attacks in central and eastern Syria — including near Al Teem oil field — against regime forces and their allies. The attacks were followed by heavy clashes and regime airstrikes. A 48-hour long clash ensued following an IS attack in Ar-Raqqa, reportedly resulting in heavy casualties among regime forces. Elsewhere in southern Syria, regime forces entered Kanaker in Rural Damascus after having besieged the town for almost two weeks. This followed demonstrations against the arrest of three local women, who were detained while passing through a checkpoint and taken to an undisclosed location. As part of an agreement between the government and the local reconciliation committee, regime forces pledged to release the three female detainees and to lift the siege, which had prevented the entry of basic materials, food, and medicine to the town. In return, they were allowed to inspect houses that are believed to have weapon caches (North Press agency, 4 October 2020). According to ACLED local partner the Syrian Network for Human Rights, at least 62 people, including six women and two children, were arbitrarily detained in Syria in September 2020. This marks the highest number of monthly arrests since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic (SNHR, 2 October 2020).
04-10-2020 …